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vCal for Calibrating Vaisala VL-Series Data Loggers

Vaisala's VL series data loggers are a validatable monitoring or mapping device designed for pharmaceutical or GxP applications where stringent control over test results and file security is required. The system creates encrypted password-protected electronic records to ensure highest integrity of collected data, keeps track of each data logger's calibration status to ensure in-calibration results, and prints out detailed graphic reports for complete documentation of historical humidity and temperature conditions.

vCal software can be used with VL data loggers to perform one-point, two-point, and three-point calibrations of the following input channels:

Download vCal »

Please Note:
For regulated, GxP and other critical applications that may require customized calibration points, we recommend sending your data loggers back to our accredited calibration labs for calibration. The vCal utility was created for situations where that is not feasible.

If you require the highest attainable degree of accuracy from your loggers, send your units to Vaisala re-calibration.

We also offer data logger rental programs in many regions for swapping out loggers that are being calibrated.

To learn more, contact us.